Istanbul Vizon Hotel – Hotel in the center of Istanbul

Istanbul Vizon Hotel – Hotel in the center of Istanbul

Istanbul Vizon Hotel, located in one of the best districts of the city, which is called Shishly. Shishly is one of the greatest districts in the city, filled with all spectrum of various services, sights and commemorative booklets of architecture. It is very important to mention that Shishly is perfect for shopping and here is possible simply dip in the atmosphere of combination of modern sky-scrapers and small narrow Turkish streets, where great number of restaurants, cafe and clothing

Shishli – Hotel in Shishly

Shishly is one of the main 32 districts of Istanbul on the European side of the city. It is located on an exit from the Bosporus bridge, connecting Asia with Europe. Its general area makes about 30 square kilometers and is considered a new settlement prosperous after a middle 19 centuries north of area Taxim. In 18 century vineyards, barley fields and a few gardens, prospered in the center of Shishly and vicinities of Mecidiekey. Other building which were erected in 19 century, especially brewery factories prevailed in building, for example as Feriköy and Bomonti, similarly building of child's hospital in 1898 was a substantial step in the development of district. In those years many people who are not moslems and immigrants as well moved to Shishly, forming a rich class in neighbourhood. Besides rich villas and houses, in a district were also old and poor homes, for example as Darulaceze, that was built near Okleidani, in 1895. When in 1913 the first electric tram appeared in Shishly, it gave a push for the development of building of many dwellings quarters that were built approximately in 1920th. One of the first examples of house of Shishly is House of Atatürk, that now is a museum. When in Turkey proclaimed a republic, Shishly became one of the elite quarters of Istanbul among locals, foreigners and not moslem people. There are many old mosques in a district, christian churches and Jewish synagogues. Lately it became one of the greatest financial center of Istanbul, especially with some high expansions and by modern shopping centers, such as Cevahir Mall, one of the largest in Europe. In a district there are many hotels and one of them is Istanbul Vizon Hotel. There are many other interesting building in the district of Shishly: the Military museum, concerto halls of Cemal Resit Rey and Lutfi Kirdar, exhibition centers, cinemas and theatres, university faculties, soccer stadium of Ali Yen in Galatasaray, refined boutiques outside Nisantasy and Rumely, wonderful restaurants and bars in the district of Makka , district of Teskvie.A house of mayor of Istanbul is also in this district, in Valikonagi. On one of these streets of district of Shishly the Istanbul Vizon Hotel is located. That is one of central districts of Istanbul. A hotel as though is hidden from municipal fuss in narrow quarters, but it is needed literally to pass 300m and you will be able to be dipped in everyday fuss of city, where many trade grounds, business centers, cultural monuments, public institutions and entertaining infrastructure. Stopped at Istanbul Vizon Hotel you will be able simultaneously to enjoy and got to silense and calmness of the quiet Turkish streets with their everyday life, but here to be in foot-pace availability to fuss of big megalopolis, Istanbul. Istanbul Vizon Hotel – Hotel in Istanbul

Istanbul Vizon Hotel:

• Comfortable quiet hotel in the center of Istanbul
• European service
• Turkish hospitality
• Moderate prices
• Conference service
• Café
• Spa Centre

Istanbul Vizon Hotel is next to the subway station Osman Bay, where you will be able without any problems to reach any destination of the city. Subway in Istanbul is one of the comfortable types of transport, because of the big traffic of the city. You will be able in short time and comfortably to reach any sight of the city. Istanbul Vizon Hotel - it is a modern hotel, with high European service. Architecture of hotel is executed in European style of small streets of Spain, France. Istanbul Vizon Hotel opens to you good modern approach in to service of 3 stars class hotel. Friendly personnel, that will show you Turkish hospitality that is very famous through the whole world and which is very well combines with the European standards of service. Istanbul Vizon Hotel is open for you during the whole year and always happy to see you. Istanbul is beautiful at any time of the year!